November 17, 2020

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    What is the best country outside of India for an Indian student to study MBBS?

    Here, you want to know about the best country outside India, for an Indian Student to study MBBS.

    First of all keep in mind that when you are an Indian student then India is the best country to study MBBS. But the main problem is only few number of Govt. medical colleges, Reservation and high donation for private medical colleges in India.

    Top Countries For MBBS

    Here is the list of top Countries to study MBBS outside of India.

    1. Bangladesh
    2. Nepal
    3. Philippines
    4. Kyrgyzstan
    5. Russia
    6. Kazakhstan
    7. Ukraine
    8. Australia
    9. Canada
    10. Mauritius
    11. New Zealand
    12. Singapore
    13. UK
    14. USA
    15. China
    Advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

    Why Bangladesh is best to Study MBBS for Indian Students

    Above listed all countries are good for Indian students to study MBBS but among these all countries Bangladesh can be the best one for you. Why Bangladesh is best to Study MBBS for Indian Students:

     Language: Being the neighbor country of India, you can use Hindi, English, Bengali & Urdu. So, There is very easy access to communicate with people.

    Weather: As Bangladesh is our neighbor country is weather is too much similar to India.

    Food: The eating habits of Bangladeshi people are also similar to India.

    Culture:  The Culture of people of Bangladesh is somewhere same as of Indians.

    Cost & Other Expenses: MBBS Course fees, Hostel fees, Fooding, Travelling Cost and Other expenses are very less compare to India.

    MCI Screening test Passing rate: MCI Screening test/ FMGE/ NEET PG passing rate is always higher than any other country.

    List of Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    #1. Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital

    #2. Green Life Medical College & Hospital

    #3. Dhaka National Medical College

    #4. Delta Medical College

    #5. Popular Medical College

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