May 30, 2020

To study MBBS in Bangladesh’s top medical colleges, you need to know about the fees and the admission process of the colleges. If you don’t have any idea about study MBBS in Bangladesh admission process of admission this article will definitely help you to gather some.

Are you planning to start your career as an MBBS doctor? Are you thinking to take MBBS admission in Bangladesh? Do you have an idea about study MBBS in Bangladesh admission process?


Study MBBS In Bangladesh Admission Process Details

If you are planning to study MBBS from overseas universities then Bangladesh is the most net worthy option for you. So in order to study MBBS in Bangladesh’s top medical colleges, you need to know about the fees and the admission process of the colleges. Also, you need to manage a few additional papers to stay and study abroad. It’s no longer a matter of headache because Pice Educare does all for you. Our experienced education consultants will suggest you best-suited college for you according to your academic courses. Also, we help the students to get their visas, currency change, arrange and resolve transport issues, and overseas accommodation. We don’t stop here if you need a local guardian during your course we will always be there for you.


Key-highlights for Indian students who study MBBS in Bangladesh 


Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Bangladesh


#1. It’s the cheapest place to stay and study and the course fees of the universities are also quite lower than the other countries.

#2. You don’t need to worry about the language because the course language is English for the MBBS course.

#3. Maximum of Bangladesh medical colleges are approved by the globally popular medical councils and the organizations. Like- MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO (World Health Organization), WFME (World Federation for Medical Education), etc.

#4. The lifestyle and the weather condition are quite similar to India and the native language of Bangladesh is Bengali which is the same as West Bengal.

#5. In order to get admission to Bangladesh, you need a minimum of 60% marks in PCB.


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Study MBBS in Bangladesh Admission Process for Indian Students 

You need to be enough informed about the admission process to study MBBS in Bangladesh top medical colleges. As you are studying in an abroad college you need to follow the proper Admission process and carry all the required documents.

  • Initially, you need to appear in the NEET examination.
  • Fill the application form of the college, you want to get admission.
  • Collect the offer letter and keep it with you.
  • Pay the enrolment charge for the college.
  • Once you paid and enrolled for the MBBS course apply for the Visa.
  • Collect the student visa for Bangladesh.
  • Now you are ready to fly to Bangladesh.

In every step we mentioned above Pice Educare will help you to make the process smooth for you. Also, we recheck all the documents you need to carry with you.


The Required Documents 

  1. Your passport with 18 months of minimum validity and a student visa.
  2. 10th and 12th certificated and the mark sheets.
  3. 15 passport size photos
  4. Birth certificate.
  5. Official offer letter from the college.
  6. Clearance from the India and Bangladesh embassy.
  7. 1st-year tuition fee receipt.
  8. Medical certificate (Includes HIV test also).


MBBS Bangladesh Course Fee 

Bangladesh is being the high priority scorching destination for the medical aspirants from India. As the throughout course expenditure is affordable in Bangladesh. Also, Bangladesh is a country with a high population so the patient flow also remains high. So there you will get a better chance to practice medicine. But the main key point is the course fees, MBBS in Bangladesh fees details for Indian students. MBBS course from Bangladesh universities varies within $35,000 to $49,000.


Top medical colleges in Bangladesh for Indian students 1


Top medical colleges in Bangladesh 

We have listed here the 10 top medical colleges in Bangladesh-

  1. Dhaka Medical College
  2. Southern Medical College
  3. Chittagong Medical College
  4. Rajshahi Medical College
  5. International Medical College, Gazipur
  6. North East Medical College, Sylhet
  7. TMSS Medical College, Bogra
  8. Jaharul Islam Medical College
  9. Mymensingh Medical College
  10. Faridpur Medical College




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    As you are a medical aspirant then you need to be enough informed about the colleges, courses, and the admission process. In this article, we have discussed about study MBBS in Bangladesh admission process and the required documents. This article will definitely help you to achieve your dreams to be a Doctor.


    Call our admission help desk 9932625163 OR 8001192800.



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