June 20, 2020

Fulfill your dream of becoming a successful doctor by grabbing a seat for MBBS in Bangladesh in Popular Medical College. This article will give every necessary detail to you about Popular Medical College Bangladesh admission in MBBS.

Popular Medical College Bangladesh admission in MBBS

A Brief Introduction

Popular Medical College is one of the prestigious colleges in Bangladesh. The college is established in the year 2010. The root cause of the success of this college is its dedicated workforce that is committed to the betterment and improvement of the college. It is a private college present in the Dhaka City of Bangladesh. It provides excellent opportunities for foreign and Indian students.

Fast Facts

Affiliation: World Health Organization, Dhaka University, International Medical Education Directory (IMED).

Chairman: Md. Mustafizur Rahman

Medium: English

Year of establishment: 2010

Student capacity: 430

Locality: Urban

Course offered: MBBS

Duration of the course: 5 years+ 1-year internship

Academic session: January to December

Weather o Bangladesh: It has pleasant weather.

Location: Dhanmondi Dhaka

Key features of the College

The college Popular Medical College Bangladesh admission in MBBS offers several opportunities for the students so that they can become successful doctors. Some of the key advantages of the college are-

#1. The college is located in a very good position that offers good transportation to the students. In addition to this, the college is situated in an urban area.

#2. The college area is huge that provides a spacious ground to the students for extra-curricular activities.

#3. The college includes several outdoor games for the students.

#4. The college focuses on several learning processes like Community learning, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, community learning, group learning, and many more.

#5. The college has a large and spacious library where students can sit and read. This enhances their knowledge in various fields.

#6. The college has a large academic building with several lecture halls, tutorial rooms, demonstration halls, clinical and non-clinical rooms, laboratories, and soon.

#7. The college focuses more on real-time learning. The students are involved in several health camps so that they can gather more knowledge.

Departments in the Popular Medical college

There are many departments within the college. The list is as follows-

#1. Department of Anatomy

#2. Department of Pathology

#3. Department of Microbiology

#4. Department of Paediatrics

#5. Department of physiology

#6. Department of Psychology

#7. Department of Pharmacology

#8. Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

#9. Department of Forensic Medicine

#10. Department of Community Medicine

#11. Department of surgery and Allied specialties

#12. Department of Ophthalmology

#13. Department of medicine and allied specialties

#14. Department of orthopedic surgery

Phases of Exam in popular medical college

The exams in Popular Medical college are divided into several phases. The structure is given below:

Phases Duration Subjects Assessment
        I. One and a half year Physiology, community medicine, Anatomy, and Biochemistry First professional MBBS Examination
     II. One Year Forensic and Community medicine, Paediatrics medicine, Orthopaedics, and trauma Second Professional MBBS Examination
  III. One Year Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, and Obstetrics Third Professional MBBS Examination


  IV. One and a half year Surgery, Urology, plastic surgery, Neurosurgery Traumatology, and Orthopaedics Fourth Professional MBBS examination


Once all the professional courses are cleared you will need to do a one-year internship without which your MBBS course will not be valid.


Admission and eligibility in Popular Medical College

Admission in Popular medical college

To enroll Popular Medical College Bangladesh admission in MBBS, the students need to get some documents and need to meet eligibility criteria. For the eligibility criteria, you will need an overall GPA of 7.0 in SSC or HSC level or equivalence exam. In Biology, you will need to ensure a 3.5 GPA. You need to get the documents approved by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of India if you are a citizen of India. After which your documents will be verified by DGHS in Bangladesh. Once this is completed you will get the confirmation from the college side within 3 weeks.  You need to complete the remaining process within the given timestamp.

Fee structure of the college

You need to pay for the college fees in different installments. In the time of admission, you need to provide a certain amount. All the fees submission is done either directly or via Swiss transfer. The course fees within the college for the 5-year course along with a one-year internship is around $30,000 to $50,000. You need to pay the fees of the college within the time otherwise you need to give fine as penalty.

Awards and recognition from the College

The students of the college are eligible for various awards and recognition if they perform well. This I to increase their encouragement to do better in the upcoming days. This is one of the unique features of the college that provide more motivation to the students. The award that is provided to the students can act as their signs of achieving goals. The award that is provided for the attendance and punctuality influence the student to attend more classes and gather knowledge by ensuring 1005 attendance. There is recognition for the students who perform well in the examinations.  The top performers in the professional examination get recognition from the college.


How to apply for admission in Popular Medical College


Role of PiceEducare

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Popular Medical College Bangladesh admission in MBBS will be a great choice for you if you are a medical aspirant. We hope that this article gives you the needed information. If you want to know more do not hesitate to contact us.



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