June 24, 2020

If you are thinking of admission to MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College Dhaka then this article is going to help you. Have a look at this and get detailed knowledge of admission in MBBS in Bangladesh.

MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College Dhaka admission process

Introduction to Delta Medical College

Delta Medical College is established in the year 2006 in the Dhaka city of Bangladesh. The main aim of the college is to produce human doctors who will have high moral values and will serve peoples. The college is recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. It is a well-equipped college with modern technologies. The college falls under the University of Dhaka. The University of Dhaka is approved by the Medical Council of India, hence you can practice in India after clearing the screening test. Delta Medical College is a 10 storied building with a hospital on the same boundary. The hospitals have world-class facilities and involve in treating the sick and needy. You can choose to study MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College Dhaka.

Location of Delta Medical College Dhaka MBBS in Bangladesh

It is located in the capital city of Bangladesh. Dhaka is one of the important cities of Bangladesh which is the economic, political, and economic center. There is not only a single reason which makes Dhaka a popular city. Several other reasons include festivals and art o Dhaka, cuisine and religious diversity, and so on. Bangladesh also shares a good relationship with India. The people there in Dhaka are very helpful and thus a good place to study.


How to get admission in Delta Medical College


MBBS admission in Bangladesh Delta Medical College


The Director-General o Health Services in Bangladesh decides the students eligible or admission according to their merit. The admission process is taken care of by the admission council of the college. Student needs to assure an overall GPA of 7.0 in HSC or ‘A’ level or any equivalent examination and SSC or ‘O’ or equivalent examination. You will need to assure a 3.5 GPA in Biology. You should have all the required documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country you belong to (India) or the education department. Here you will also need to get the equivalency certificate from the Director-General of Health Services.


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    Selection of candidates for Study MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College

    The admission in MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College Dhaka is done on the basis of the entrance exam and the GPA scores of the students. The results are published by the Director-General of Health Services.

    Key highlights of MBBS admission in Bangladesh Delta Medical College  

    #1. The student name which will be there in the national merit list published by Director General of Health Services will get the chance of admission before the last date.

    #2. Eligible candidates can apply for admission to the college with the required documents and application fees.

    #3. The candidates who will get selected will get examined by the medical board before admission. This board is formed by the college examination committee.

    #4. The tuition fees along with the terms and conditions will be informed to you in the later stages.

    #5. The parents of the medical aspirants will have to sign a bond paper regarding the rules ad regulation of the college. Violation of the same can result in termination.

    #6. During the time of admission, all your original documents need to be verified.


    Facilities of Delta Medical College


    Facilities of MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College Dhaka  

    #1. There are 4 large and spacious lecture halls where the professors share knowledge with the students.

    #2. There is a library with a collection of textbooks, reference books, magazines, and national and international journals.

    #3. There is an anatomy museum inside the college building.

    #4. There are many laboratories like Histology lab, Anatomy lab. Physiology lab, Biochemistry lab, Pathology lab, and Microbiology lab.

    #5. There is an Anatomy dissection hall where students get practical knowledge of dissection.

    #6. There is a Forensic Medicine Museum as well as a community medicine Museum.

    #7. There are separate common rooms for males and females that have indoor gaming facilities.

    #8. There is a large canteen with good and hygienic food.

    #9. The hostel is there for girls and boys separately within the campus.

    #10. There is a pathology museum inside the building.


    Contact our college admission help desk +91 – 9932625163 / +91 – 8001192800.


    Achievements of Delta Medical College MBBS In Bangladesh

    MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College Dhaka is reaching to the top level of excellence in all aspects. The outcomes of the professional MBBS examination every year is remarkable.  The achievements of the college include, MBBS professional examination held in July 2012 and the college has the 4th position in the merit list published by Dhaka University. There are three students who get this position in Biochemistry and one student ensures it in Anatomy and Biochemistry. There are two students who got the honor marks in Microbiology in 2nd professional MBBS examination held in 2014. A student from the BDS course secure 10th position at Dhaka University.

    Fee structure of MBBS admission in Bangladesh Delta Medical College

    The MBBS course fees for MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College Dhaka is quite affordable as compared to the other colleges of Bangladesh. You will need to pay around $30, 000 to $50,000 for the whole course. During the time of admission, you will need to give around $20, 000 at a time. The rest of the fees you can give in installment for the rest 4 years.

    So, MBBS in Bangladesh Delta Medical College Dhaka is a great option for you if you want to study MBBS in Bangladesh. This article is enriched with all the necessary information about the College. In case of any further queries or doubts, you can contact us.


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