List Of NMC Approved Medical Colleges In Bangladesh 2021

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is of core importance to students. Moreover, for Asian students MBBS in Bangladesh has always been beneficial. Indian students take it as a golden opportunity to study medicine in Bangladesh. Private colleges provide an excellent education at low expense allowing more students to be interested in it. However, if you are planning to study abroad, you must have to look at the list of NMC approved medical colleges in Bangladesh 2021. NMC (National Medical Council) which was formerly known as MCI(Medical Council of India) provides approval to Foreign medical colleges.

List Of NMC Approved Top Medical Colleges In Bangladesh 2021

Aspirants must prefer the NMC approved medical colleges as those colleges will provide you a world-recognized degree, global teaching standards, reasonable tuition fees, and education in the English language. Subsequently, You have to update yourself with the list of NMC approved medical colleges in order to study abroad. Here you will find the list of medical colleges in Bangladesh that are approved by NMC.


Dhaka National Medical College ranks under the top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh. It was established in the year 1925. This is a private medical college offering an MBBS course of 5 years.

  • It offers the best educational environment to foreign students and is preferred for its low expense.
  • This college has a library containing almost 6000 books by different writers.
  • Separate hostels are available for female foreign students.
  • The college contains 800 bedded hospitals for clinical education and training purposes.
  • Well equipped labs for specialized courses
  • Regular extracurricular and co-curricular activities
  • Proper network and internet facility to avail necessary services
  • Hospital inside college campus with ancillary services


This is the oldest private medical college in Bangladesh. Total 130 students are admitted every year. The college was established in 1986 and is recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Here one year gap is allowed in your 5-year MBBS course. Why choose this college? For this, you should look at the facilities that the institution offers.

  • Easy admission process for foreign students
  • For Indian students, it is the nearest medical college abroad
  • The expense of study is lower compared to Indian private colleges
  • The college ranks 3rd among the top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh
  • Regular seminars, lectures, and advanced practical classes
  • The library has over 6674 books
  • Moreover, each department has attached tutorial rooms

Digital devices are used for the hi-tech education system


This college was established in 2006. It begins the academic session in January. The college provides the following facilities to students

  • It contains 350 bedded multidisciplinary hospital complex.
  • It offers a 5year MBBS course along with a 1year internship program.
  • The students are provided a stipend of 15000 per month during the internship.
  • It has a pathology museum
  • Four lecture halls
  • Modern library with internet access
  • Community medicine museum
  • Forensic medicine museum
  • Hostels for local and foreign students


This college is considered the best women’s college in Bangladesh. It was established in the year 2008.

Some key features of this institute are

  • The medium of education is English.
  • An internship is mandatory for MBBS pass outs.
  • Students are not allowed to stay outside. The hostel facility is great for both local and foreign students.
  • The hostels are located near the campus
  • Safety of the students is one of the key concerns of the college authority
  • In addition, discipline in the college is strict here.
  • Separate departments are allotted for students
  • Interactive classes.

The college was founded in 2001. A large number of Indian students come to study MBBS here. You have to adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the college authority during your study. Some key features of the institute are

  • Emphasis on attendance
  • Hostels are allotted for international student
  • 60% attendance is mandatory for students

The college is situated in Chittagong which is known as the port city. It has a highly experienced teaching faculty and provides opportunities to international students. The standard of education is high here. The college was founded in 2013.  In addition, The college offers

  • Curative, preventive, primitive, and rehabilitative healthcare services to all
  • Regular seminars, workshops, resource activities
  • Modern library with internet access
  • Lecture halls with all modern digital devices
  • Hostel availability for international students


The college is located in Dhaka. The college came into existence in 2009. During this year, 76 foreign students are studying the MBBS course. Some key features of the college are

  • Highly efficient teaching faculty
  • Good learning environment
  • 500 bedded hospital which also accessible to students
  • The academic building is 15 storied
  • 3 Museums and 5 laboratories
  • Scholarships are provided to deserving students
  • 5 lecture galleries
  • 12 operation theatres among which 4 are for learning purposes

There are many more medical colleges in Bangladesh that  NMC has approved. You can follow the table given below which will help you sort the expense, affiliation, and location of the Medical colleges.

Here is a list of top medical colleges in Bangladesh to study MBBS

Enam Medical College NMC,WHO USD 20000


USD 400000
Green Life Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO


USD 22000 USD 42000
Popular Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 45000
Anwar Khan Modern Medical College



NMC,WHO USD 26000 USD 44000
Medical College For Women and

Hospital, Dhaka

NMC,WHO USD 19000 USD 45000
MH Samorita Medical College NMC,WHO USD 14000 USD 38000
TMSS Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 40000


Tairunnessa Memorial Medical

College, Gazipur

NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 41000
Internaonal Medical College, Gazipur NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 400000
Southern Medical College, Chi




USD 36000
Jalalabad Raghib Rabeya Medical

College, Sylhet



USD 42950
Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Sylhet NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 38000
North Bengal Medical College,

Dhanbandi, Sirajgunj

NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 35000
                                     Eastern Medical College, Comilla NMC,WHO USD 17000 USD 40500
Ad Din Sakina Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 17000 USD 36000


Ad Din Women’s Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 19000 USD 39000
Jahurul Islam Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 18200 USD 39000
Monno Medical College, Manikgang NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 39900

Medical College, Comilla

NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 38000
Kumudini Women’s Medical

College, Tangail

NMC,WHO USD 17500 USD 43100
Universal Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 13000 USD 38000
Central Medical College, Comilla NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 39000
Dhaka National Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 48000

Other best Medical Colleges of Bangladesh to study MBBS

Holy Family Red Crescent Medical

College, Dhaka

NMC,WHO USD 24000 USD 49750
                                      Delta Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO USD 15200 USD 44200
Bangladesh Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 25000 USD 45000
Prime Medical College NMC,WHO USD 13500 USD 36000
Rangpur Community Medical College NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 39950
Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College NMC,WHO USD 17000 USD 40000
East West Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 45000
Dhaka Community Medical

College, Dhaka

NMC,WHO USD 18000 USD 42000



BGC Trust, Chandanaish NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 34000
Barind Medical College, Rajshahi NMC,WHO USD 11000 (Common bath)

USD 12000 (AttachedBath)

Seat Booking : USD 3000 Installment

USD 37000
Marks Medical College and

Hospital, Mirpur, Dhaka

NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 37000
President Abdul Hamid Medical College NMC,WHO USD 13000 USD 35000
Community Based Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 15030 USD 45600
IBN Sina Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO USD 16000 USD 40000
Brahmanbaria Medical College NMC,WHO USD 9000 USD 33000
                                  US Bangla Medical College NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 35000

City Medical College NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 35000
                Zainul Haque Sikder Women’s Medical College NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 40000


Study MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students

No Of Foreign Students: 230+ The detail given above about the list of NMC approved medical colleges in Bangladesh 2021 are up to date. Likewise, Studying abroad requires students to gather knowledge about colleges. In the case of medical colleges, you need to know about NMC approved ones.


Q. Which is the best girls’ medical college in Bangladesh?

A. Al-Din women’s medical college is the best women’s college.

Q. Is NMC AND MCI the same?

A. Yes. Firstly, NMC referred to MCI that is the Medical Council of India.

Q. Can an MBBS from Bangladesh be recognized by other countries?

A. Yes. Many medical colleges offer degrees that other countries recognize too.

Q. Are medical colleges of Bangladesh expensive?

A. In short, Compared to other private colleges in other countries, medical colleges of Bangladesh cost less which is an advantage for students.


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