June 7, 2020

If you are choosing the top medical colleges from Bangladesh then you need to be informed about how to take direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh.  PiceEducare is guiding the students from years to fulfill their medical prospects.


How to take direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh


If you want to take direct admission in Bangladesh then you must be aware of the wide range of opportunities it provides to the Indian students. If you are choosing the top colleges from Bangladesh then you need to be informed about how to take direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Don’t worry! We are here to answer you and guide you throughout the process.

If you don’t want to go with the complicated online counseling process, then Bangladesh MBBS colleges allow you to take direct admission to the colleges. PiceEducare is guiding the students from years to fulfill their medical prospects. If you are hopeful to get a direct entry to your MBBS life in Bangladesh you have to be clear about MBBS admission in Bangladesh advantages.


Reasons to study MBBS in Bangladesh


Top 10 reasons to study MBBS in Bangladesh 


There are a lot of plus factors to study MBBS from Bangladesh as an Indian student.

  • The colleges are approved by the Education Ministry of Bangladesh, Education ministry of foreign graduate, UNESCO, WHO, MCI, and other worldwide medical councils.
  • The fee structure of the colleges is very low that makes it affordable for the needy.
  • MCI passing rate (around 30%) is higher than the other countries.
  • You can take direct admission to the Bangladesh MBBS colleges.
  • Once you clear the screening test you can start practicing in your country.
  • The population of the country is quite high. So you will get more patients to practice your medicine.
  • You can do your internship from India as well.
  • The syllabus of the MBBS course in Bangladesh is the same as the colleges from India.
  • The course medium is English.
  • The native language of Bangladesh is Bengali so as a student from West Bengal it will be very easy to get fitted there.


How to take MBBS admission in Bangladesh 


The admission process of the colleges is no more complicated for you once you have chosen us as your admission guide. But as your query was -how to take direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh? it’s our duty to elaborate you the whole process. To get admission to the colleges firstly you need to fill the application form and submit your all educational certificates. Also, you have to show your passport or the passport application copy to the College Board. Then you will get an official offer letter from the college. Once you receive the offer letter you have to apply for the student visa. Once you get your visa you are all ready to join your college. You have to carry all your original certificates with you to join the college.

That brief was just to make you aware of the admission process. But when we are with you don’t have to go with all these complicacy. PiceEducare offers you on the spot offer letter and helps you to apply for your visa. That’s not the bar of our services. We help you to get the student loan if you required, also we help you to arrange the transport and foreign accommodation.


Essentials for MBBS in Bangladesh admission


Must essentials for Bangladesh MBBS admission 


  1. You need to appear in the NEET examination.
  2. You need to have a 7 GPA in HSC or its equivalent examination.
  3. Make sure you have completed your HSC with PCB.
  4. Make sure you have a valid passport to travel to Bangladesh.
  5. You don’t have any past criminal record.
  6. You are medically and mentally fit (certified by a doctor).



So your answer may have been changed now for the question-‘How to take direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh?’. Yes, the single word answer for this is PiceEducare. We not only help you to achieve your dream but also we live your dream with you to make it true.



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