June 16, 2020

Green Life medical college & Hospital is one of the best options available for studying MBBS abroad. Go through the minute details and get the preliminary idea.


Green Life Medical College MBBS in Bangladesh


A brief introduction to Green Life Medical College Bangladesh

Green Life medical hospital is established in the year 2005 followed by the establishment of the college in the year 2009. The first batch in the college entered the year 2010 and it has 51 students. Since then the college shows tremendous development and improvement. It is an extraordinary center for learning and development. Now the college welcomes 110 students each year. Some seats are reserved for students from foreign countries. 50% of the seats are reserved for foreign students. This college is a great opportunity for Indian students.

Yearly syllabus for Green Life Medical College

#1. Subjects included for the first professional MBBS examination: Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry.

#2. Subjects included for the second professional MBBS examination: Forensic and community medicine.

#3. Subjects included for third professional MBBS examination: Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Therapeutics Pathology.

#4. Subjects included for fourth professional MBBS examination: Medicine subjects, Surgery subjects, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


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    Eligibility criteria for admission in Green Life Medical College



    Course and Eligibility for Green Life Medical College study MBBS in Bangladesh

    There are certain eligibility criteria and admission processes or the International MBBS program issued by the Dhaka ministry. The medium of instruction and education in this college for the Indian students or another country’s students in English. The course duration is of 5 years. It includes an internship period of 1 year. You can complete it even from your home country. Please note that without the completion of your internship your degree will not be valid.

    The minimum GPA required for getting a chance for MBBS in Green Life Medical College in HSC and SSC is 7. You also need to secure a 3.5 GPA in Biology. You will require to issue an eligibility certificate or getting an MBBS degree from Bangladesh if you are an Indian citizen or overseas citizen. This become mandate according to section 13(4B) of MCI (Medical Council of India) Act, 1956. The Overseas Medical Admission Test (OMAT) help the college to select student according to their merit. These help them to maintain a standard of the college.

    Information for the students/ Guardians 

    • The full MBBS curriculum consists of four professional MBBS examination. One professional MBBS examination consists of two sessions. One is in May and the other in November.
    • 75% of attendance is mandated for appearing in the professional examination. The parents need to encourage their students to appear in the mid-term examination and all the other exams.
    • You will be fined a particular amount if you fail to give the tuition fees in the first week of every month. If you delayed in fees payment for consecutively three months then your name can be removed from the register.
    • Once you complete your course curriculum you will need to do an internship for 1 year.
    • The students are not allowed to use any tablets or phones in the classroom.

    Facilities of Green Life Medical College

    Available facilities in Green Life Medical College MBBS in Bangladesh

    1. The college has the best faculties that provide standard and quality education to the students.
    2. The infrastructure of the college is well equipped and the labs and classrooms consist of modern technologies.
    3. The college has a large and spacious cafeteria. It has a capacity of 120 people at a time.
    4. The college has separate common rooms for boys and girls which are quite spacious and good. There are indoor gaming arranged in the individual common room.
    5. Both digital and offline libraries are available for the students. This provides a way better learning environment for the students.
    6. The tutorial room and the lecture hall are fully air-conditioned and furnished.

    Affiliation of Green Life Medical College Bangladesh

    • MCI (Medical Council of India)
    • Government of Bangladesh
    • University of Dhaka
    • Medical and Dental Council o Bangladesh
    • Enlisted in World Directory of Medical School & ECFMG
    • Listed in Avicenna Directory
    • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education & Research (FAIMER)
    • Students from this college will be eligible for USMLE, AMC, and PLAB examination.

    The fee structure for Green Life Medical College MBBS admission in Bangladesh

    The tuition fees for the first year or the admission fees is $20, 000 to $25,000. The rest of the fees for the other4 years varies from $40, 000 to $ 50,000. This fees that include along with the tuition and accommodation are-

    • Examination fees (Formative examination, profession MBBS exams, etc.)
    • Field site training fees
    • Health Centre visiting fees
    • Forensic Medicine fees
    • Internship allowance
    • Caution money
    • Registration fees
    • Affiliation renewal fees

    Contact our college admission help desk +91 – 9932625163 / +91 – 8001192800.

    Admission process for Green Life Medical College & Hospital MBBS in Bangladesh

    A written entrance examination is conducted by DGHS (Director General of Health Services) and the Government of people’s Republic Bangladesh. It is a national level entrance examination that is conducted. A merit list is published. Or the students of Bangladesh nationality the admission is held according to this list. For Indian students, it is essential to qualify NEET for getting admission in green life Medical College, Bangladesh. For any oversea students including Indian students, it is essential to meet the eligibility criteria. All the admission in this college is based on the regulations set by DGHS and MOHFW. You also need a physical fitness certificate. The test is done by the Medical Board for Physical fitness.

    Essentials for getting an MBBS degree

    After meeting some of the criteria the student will be eligible for getting their MBBS degree. So, it is mandated to follow all the rules and regulations set by the college.

    • 75% of attendance
    • Need to clear all formative assessment held during the session
    • Good conducting certificate from the listed departments.
    • Clear examination and registration fees.
    • No dues of college fees should be let
    • Cleared all professional examination in all year.
    • An internship of 1 year is done.


    PiceEducare role for Green Life Medical College MBBS admission in Bangladesh

    MBBS from Bangladesh gets its existence from the Green life medical College Bangladesh. It is a very splendid option for Indian students. You can contact PiceEducare to complete all the admission formalities for this college. We will provide you complete guidance as we have a smoother relationship with the college authorities. If you want to know about all the formalities and processes contact PiceEducare today.

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