Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying MBBS In Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is an excellent and convenient option especially for Asian students. Students often ask for the advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh. Therefore, we are here to help you find answers to this. MBBS in Bangladesh is very popular among aspirants from India , Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Srilanka and many others.


Bangladesh opens opportunities for international students more than its neighbouring countries. You should know that the advantages of MBBS in Bangladesh are wider. And in short, disadvantages are rarely found. Let’s move to our main discussion.


Studying in Bangladesh seems highly advantageous to international students. Wondering how? There are so many points to convince you.

Affordable costs of study:

The greatest advantage of studying MBBS here is the affordability. The tuition fees are cheaper here. Again, you don’t have to pay any donations to ensure your admission. The medical colleges disclose their fees for each year of the course. Some of the colleges provide stipend to interns after they complete the course. Hostel charges are cheaper here. No hidden costs are here. To know more about the costs of different medical colleges in Bangladesh, click here.

NMC, WHO approved colleges:

All the government colleges are NMC approved. A large number of colleges have the approval of WHO. WHO approved degrees are recognized worldwide. It widens your career opportunities.


The medical colleges teach in English. So, international students don’t have to go for any language training. English is easy to understand to Asian students. They don’t face difficulties in learning and communicating to professors or friends.


In government medical colleges, there is a reservation of 75 international  students approximately. Again, in private medical colleges ,almost 25% of the seats are reserved for students from overseas. Therefore, if you have good academic scores, you don’t have to worry about seat availability.


Almost all government and private medical colleges in Bangladesh provide hostel facility to international students. Some colleges have hostels of international standards. Some colleges have separate hostels for boys and girls. Most of the hostels provide hygienic meals to students. A few colleges offer both on campus and off campus accommodation. Besides, the private colleges have hostels with all modern facilities available.


For Asian students, especially Indians, Bangladeshi food is not a matter of contemplation. See, if you are from India, you will love the food there. Our food habits are almost similar to them. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food are available in hostels and restaurants too. For, students from other countries, Bangladeshi food will not be a problem. There is variety of food available there. Besides, some hostels allow students to cook for themselves.


The travelling cost to reach Bangladesh is very cheap. If you are an Indian student, then studying MBBS in Bangladesh is highly recommendable. By air, it costs near about 4900INR from Kolkata to Dhaka. By road, it is 1400 INR. Trains to Dhaka cost 1200 INR approximately.


As the medical colleges contain a large number of hospital beds, the students get to know about more patients. Some government colleges have near about 1000 bedded hospitals. So the students are exposed to a great number of patients. This enriches them with real practical knowledge. Bangladeshi medical colleges have a good capacity for OPD. This also enables students to know largely about different types of patients.


The different disciplines of medical study taught here are similar to those of other countries. These are Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic medicine, Community medicine, Biochemistry and many more. All countries teach almost all of these subjects in their MBBS course. These are the basic subjects that all students need to study.

As you have some questions regarding disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh, we are here to answer. But, there are little disadvantages to be found in the medical colleges of Bangladesh. However, let’s look at these

  • All college hostel rooms don’t have AC. You might need to inform the authority in case you need an AC.
  • No seat reservation on the basis of different categories.
  • You will get lesser holidays.


But, see compared to the advantages, these few cons seem very ignorable. The weather of Bangladesh is same as most of the other Asian countries. You won’t face much problem if you don’t have an AC in your hostel room. And international students get good opportunities while taking admission here. We recommend you to look at the advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh thoroughly. Then it will be clear to you. We suggest you to study MBBS in Bangladesh if you are from Asia and looking for better educational and professional opportunities.

Top Govt medical colleges for MBBS admission in Bangladesh

Govt medical colleges MBBS admission in Bangladesh

Aspiring to study MBBS in Bangladesh? Then, you must have some questions regarding the medical colleges and their rules, right? We are here to show you the best medical colleges that offer MBBS courses in Bangladesh. Government colleges are always given priority. So, here is a list of top govt. Medical colleges for MBBS admission in Bangladesh which will make your search easier.



Dhaka Medical college came into existence in 1946. It is the top medical college in Bangladesh now. Eligible international students can have an opportunity to study here. Postgraduate courses are also taught here. In clinical teaching, this medical college is renowned. Let’s have a quick look at the salient features of this college.

  • International students from both SAARC and NON-SAARC countries can study here after being selected by DGHS and MOHFW.
  • This is a recognized clinical examination center for fellowship exams of both UG and PG students.
  • It has 2600 bed availability within the same compound.
  • The college teaches a 5year MBBS course following the curriculum of BMDC.
  • The students study different subjects like Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, forensic medicine, community medicine, etc.
  • The pass mark for the college’s internal exams is 60%.
  • Students with 85% marks are awarded honors.
  • The students can stay in hostels
  • The college auditorium can accommodate 1200 people to sit.


 This college was established in 1962. It is one of the best medical colleges in the country. It also includes the Mitford Hospital, the oldest hospital in the country. Great physicians, researchers are from this college. Some of the key points of the college are as follows

  • The college library contains almost 25000 books and 150 medical journals.
  • International students are allowed to study MBBS.
  • The students are bound to complete a year of internship.
  • The fee structure is affordable for students from overseas.
  • Hostel accommodation is available for students with affordable charges. The hostels have the standard of international hostels.
  • Extracurricular activities are always given importance in this college.
  • Students can utilize a sports complex, playground, canteens, etc.


Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College is the 14th government medical college. It was established in 2006. Quality education is the strongest feature of this medical college.

  • Along with the MBBS course, post-graduate courses are also taught here.
  • Boys and girls have to stay in separate hostels.
  • The college has also started the BDS courses.
  • The institute has been included in the Avicenna Directory of Medical Schools and International Medical Education Directory.
  • The students celebrate their 30 days, 100days, year ending, and batch programs on the campuses.
  • The medium of teaching is English which is beneficial for international students.


The institute was founded in 1924. Mymensing Medical College is an NMC approved medical college in Bangladesh. Best education along with best facilities for students are available in this college.

  • International students need to be at least 17 years old on 31st December of the admission year.
  • The entrance exam accepted is NEET.
  • Recently 22 Indian students are studying here.
  • The academic session begins in
  • It is a 1000 bedded teaching hospital.
  • Along with MBBS, post-graduate courses are taught under 27 disciplines.
  • The campus is a huge one. The academic building is adjacent to the hospital building.
  • 10% of the seats are reserved for foreign students.


CMC came into existence in 1960. The services offered are totally patient-centered. For Indian students, this is a good option to choose this medical college.

  • There is a total of 34 wards with teaching rooms and seminar halls.
  • The college library has a collection of almost 26000 volumes of texts.
  • All the students are members of the British Council Library.
  • The teaching rooms contain advanced modern equipment and devices to provide the best education.
  • There is a medical skill center on the 5th floor of the hospital. Students can practice their professional skills here.
  • Boys’ and girls’ hostels are separate.
  • The college has great respect for all religions. Students can freely follow their religious practices here.


The Rajshahi Medical College came into existence in the year 1958. It has the affiliation of Rajshahi university. International students come to RMC to study MBBS and postgraduate courses.

  • The college teaches different subjects to MBBS students such as Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Opthalmology, Pathology etc.
  • Every year the college admits 200 students for MBBS course.
  • 1 year of internship is mandatory for students.
  • A dental college is also opened here. It admits 50 students every year.
  • The college provides best education along with best healthcare services to the community.

List of Govt medical colleges in Bangladesh 2021

Sl. No.

Established Total Seats
01. Dhaka Medical Colle e, Dhaka. 1948 230
02. Sir Salimullah Medical College, Mitford, Dhaka. 1972 230
03. ShaheedSuhrawardy Medical College, Dhaka. 2005 200
  Mymensing Medical College, Mymensing. 1962 230
05. Chattogram Medical College, Chattogram. 1962 230
06. Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi. 1962 230
07. M.A. G. Osmani Medical College, Sylhet. 1966 230
08. Sher-e-BangIa Medical College, Barishal. 1968 230
09. Rangpur Medical College, Rangpur. 1972 230
10. Cumilla Medical College, Cumilla. 1992 180
11. Khulna Medical College, Khulna. 1992 180
12. Shaheed ZiaurRahman Medical College, Bogura. 1992 180
13. Faridpur Medical College, Faridpur. 1992 180
14. M. Abdur Rahim Medical College, Dinajpur. 1992 180
15. Pabna Medical College, Pabna. 2008 70
16. Abd MalekUkiI Medical College, Noakhali. 2008 70
  Cox’s Bazar Medical College, Cox’s Bazar. 2008 70
18. Jessore Medical College, Jessore. 2010 70
19. Satkhira Medical College, Satkhira. 2011 65
20. Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College, Kishor an’ 2011 65
21. Kushtia Medical College. Kushtia 2011 65
22. SheikhSayeraKhatun Medical College,Gopalganj 2011 65
23. ShaheedTajUddin Ahmad Medical College, Gazipur 2013 72
  Sheikh Hasina Medical College, Tangail 2014 65
25. Sheikh Hasina Medical College Jamalpur 2014 65
26. Colonel Malek Medical College, Manikgonj 2014 75
27. Shaheed M.Monsur Ali Medical College, Sirajgonj 2014 65
28. Patuakhali Medical College, Patuakhali 2014 51
29. Rangamali Medical College, Rangamati 2014 51
30. Mugda Medical College, Dhaka 2015 75
31. Sheikh Hasina Medical College, Hobiganj 2017 51
32. Netrokona Medical College, Netrokona 2018 50
33. Nilphamari Medical College, Nilphamari 2018 50
34. Naogaon Medical College, Naogaon 2018 50
35. Magura Medical College, Magura 2018 50
36. Chandpur Medical College, Chandpur 2018 50
37 Bongobandhu Medical College, Sunamganj 2020 50
  Total 4350

MBBS admission in Bangladesh 

We wish to help the students who aspire to study MBBS in the govt. medical colleges of Bangladesh by our blog guide. The list of Govt. medical colleges for MBBS admission in Bangladesh is given above. Hope you find this blog helpful.


How To Get Scholarship To Study MBBS In Abroad

scholarship for study abroad

Studying MBBS abroad is the dream of many students. Are you one of them? Studying abroad can be little expensive. So the students require sponsorship. Besides, many students aspire to get a scholarship while going to study abroad. How to get scholarship to study MBBS abroad is a matter of confusion. We can show you how can you avail scholarship in this article.


Apart from educational organizations there are some other companies in India that can provide you scholarship. The government of India too bestows scholarships on deserving students. Some points must be given emphasis to such as eligibility criteria, amount of scholarship, period of scholarship, available options for sponsorship etc.

Getting a full scholarship depends on some factors. You need to have a good score in your 12 standard. Good score in NEET is also very important here. The more you score, the more u deserve the scholarship.


  • Indian students who wish to study MBBS in Russia can get an interest scholarship. But, the medium of teaching will be Russian. There is little chance of getting education in English there.
  • Those who want to study MBBS in Ukraine, can avail scholarships.
  • The Universities Transatlantic Exchange association (BUTEX) Provides aspirants with scholarships of approximately 46,000INR. The student must be studying at a member university in the UK.
  • AFPHM John Snow Scholarship is offered to MBBS students from accredited medical schools and universities in Australia and new Zealand. This scholarship is given by The Royal Australian college of Physicians.
  • University of Auckland has a scholarship program for international and domestic students studying MBBS in their institution. Students from PG can also avail this scholarship.
  • Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine offers a range of scholarships to students of MBBS or Bsc in medicine.
  • Applications are available now for international students to study MBBS in Malaysia.
  • Medical universities in Bulgaria such as The medical university of Pleven, The medical university of Varna are open to students from overseas. They can get scholarships based on their merits.


The government of India has a group of scholarship programmes for students who aspire to study medicine in abroad. You must check the Indian govt. Scholarship portal for detailed information.


In case you are either not eligible or didn’t get any scholarship, you can apply for education loan. Many private banks allot loans for international students.


Indian banks need applicants to match the following eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India
  • The applicant must be adult. Otherwise, the parents have to take the loan
  • Good academic scores
  • Admitted to a recognized foreign medical college


You need to have all of these documents before you apply for an education loan

  • Marksheets and other academic certificates
  • Residence proof
  • Photo id of the applicant and co applicant
  • Proof of admission to the medical college in abroad
  • Income proof
  • Bank statement of last 6months of the co applicant
  • In case of collateral debt, you need to produce the property title deed, building plan and No objection Certificate from the builder or society

Detailed information about the particular scholarship programmes is available on the portal of the concerned authorities. Our objective is to find best paths for you to attain a scholarship. Hope with the above mentioned facts will help you proceed further. So, how to get scholarship to study MBBS in abroad doesn’t seem that confusing right?

List Of NMC Approved Medical Colleges In Bangladesh 2021

Medical colleges list in Bangladesh

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is of core importance to students. Moreover, for Asian students MBBS in Bangladesh has always been beneficial. Indian students take it as a golden opportunity to study medicine in Bangladesh. Private colleges provide an excellent education at low expense allowing more students to be interested in it. However, if you are planning to study abroad, you must have to look at the list of NMC approved medical colleges in Bangladesh 2021. NMC (National Medical Council) which was formerly known as MCI(Medical Council of India) provides approval to Foreign medical colleges.

List Of NMC Approved Top Medical Colleges In Bangladesh 2021

Aspirants must prefer the NMC approved medical colleges as those colleges will provide you a world-recognized degree, global teaching standards, reasonable tuition fees, and education in the English language. Subsequently, You have to update yourself with the list of NMC approved medical colleges in order to study abroad. Here you will find the list of medical colleges in Bangladesh that are approved by NMC.


Dhaka National Medical College ranks under the top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh. It was established in the year 1925. This is a private medical college offering an MBBS course of 5 years.

  • It offers the best educational environment to foreign students and is preferred for its low expense.
  • This college has a library containing almost 6000 books by different writers.
  • Separate hostels are available for female foreign students.
  • The college contains 800 bedded hospitals for clinical education and training purposes.
  • Well equipped labs for specialized courses
  • Regular extracurricular and co-curricular activities
  • Proper network and internet facility to avail necessary services
  • Hospital inside college campus with ancillary services


This is the oldest private medical college in Bangladesh. Total 130 students are admitted every year. The college was established in 1986 and is recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Here one year gap is allowed in your 5-year MBBS course. Why choose this college? For this, you should look at the facilities that the institution offers.

  • Easy admission process for foreign students
  • For Indian students, it is the nearest medical college abroad
  • The expense of study is lower compared to Indian private colleges
  • The college ranks 3rd among the top 10 medical colleges in Bangladesh
  • Regular seminars, lectures, and advanced practical classes
  • The library has over 6674 books
  • Moreover, each department has attached tutorial rooms

Digital devices are used for the hi-tech education system


This college was established in 2006. It begins the academic session in January. The college provides the following facilities to students

  • It contains 350 bedded multidisciplinary hospital complex.
  • It offers a 5year MBBS course along with a 1year internship program.
  • The students are provided a stipend of 15000 per month during the internship.
  • It has a pathology museum
  • Four lecture halls
  • Modern library with internet access
  • Community medicine museum
  • Forensic medicine museum
  • Hostels for local and foreign students


This college is considered the best women’s college in Bangladesh. It was established in the year 2008.

Some key features of this institute are

  • The medium of education is English.
  • An internship is mandatory for MBBS pass outs.
  • Students are not allowed to stay outside. The hostel facility is great for both local and foreign students.
  • The hostels are located near the campus
  • Safety of the students is one of the key concerns of the college authority
  • In addition, discipline in the college is strict here.
  • Separate departments are allotted for students
  • Interactive classes.

The college was founded in 2001. A large number of Indian students come to study MBBS here. You have to adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the college authority during your study. Some key features of the institute are

  • Emphasis on attendance
  • Hostels are allotted for international student
  • 60% attendance is mandatory for students

The college is situated in Chittagong which is known as the port city. It has a highly experienced teaching faculty and provides opportunities to international students. The standard of education is high here. The college was founded in 2013.  In addition, The college offers

  • Curative, preventive, primitive, and rehabilitative healthcare services to all
  • Regular seminars, workshops, resource activities
  • Modern library with internet access
  • Lecture halls with all modern digital devices
  • Hostel availability for international students


The college is located in Dhaka. The college came into existence in 2009. During this year, 76 foreign students are studying the MBBS course. Some key features of the college are

  • Highly efficient teaching faculty
  • Good learning environment
  • 500 bedded hospital which also accessible to students
  • The academic building is 15 storied
  • 3 Museums and 5 laboratories
  • Scholarships are provided to deserving students
  • 5 lecture galleries
  • 12 operation theatres among which 4 are for learning purposes

There are many more medical colleges in Bangladesh that  NMC has approved. You can follow the table given below which will help you sort the expense, affiliation, and location of the Medical colleges.

Here is a list of top medical colleges in Bangladesh to study MBBS

Enam Medical College NMC,WHO USD 20000


USD 400000
Green Life Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO


USD 22000 USD 42000
Popular Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 45000
Anwar Khan Modern Medical College



NMC,WHO USD 26000 USD 44000
Medical College For Women and

Hospital, Dhaka

NMC,WHO USD 19000 USD 45000
MH Samorita Medical College NMC,WHO USD 14000 USD 38000
TMSS Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 40000


Tairunnessa Memorial Medical

College, Gazipur

NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 41000
Internaonal Medical College, Gazipur NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 400000
Southern Medical College, Chi




USD 36000
Jalalabad Raghib Rabeya Medical

College, Sylhet



USD 42950
Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Sylhet NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 38000
North Bengal Medical College,

Dhanbandi, Sirajgunj

NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 35000
                                     Eastern Medical College, Comilla NMC,WHO USD 17000 USD 40500
Ad Din Sakina Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 17000 USD 36000


Ad Din Women’s Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 19000 USD 39000
Jahurul Islam Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 18200 USD 39000
Monno Medical College, Manikgang NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 39900

Medical College, Comilla

NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 38000
Kumudini Women’s Medical

College, Tangail

NMC,WHO USD 17500 USD 43100
Universal Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 13000 USD 38000
Central Medical College, Comilla NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 39000
Dhaka National Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 48000

Other best Medical Colleges of Bangladesh to study MBBS

Holy Family Red Crescent Medical

College, Dhaka

NMC,WHO USD 24000 USD 49750
                                      Delta Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO USD 15200 USD 44200
Bangladesh Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 25000 USD 45000
Prime Medical College NMC,WHO USD 13500 USD 36000
Rangpur Community Medical College NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 39950
Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College NMC,WHO USD 17000 USD 40000
East West Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 45000
Dhaka Community Medical

College, Dhaka

NMC,WHO USD 18000 USD 42000



BGC Trust, Chandanaish NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 34000
Barind Medical College, Rajshahi NMC,WHO USD 11000 (Common bath)

USD 12000 (AttachedBath)

Seat Booking : USD 3000 Installment

USD 37000
Marks Medical College and

Hospital, Mirpur, Dhaka

NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 37000
President Abdul Hamid Medical College NMC,WHO USD 13000 USD 35000
Community Based Medical College, NMC,WHO USD 15030 USD 45600
IBN Sina Medical College, Dhaka NMC,WHO USD 16000 USD 40000
Brahmanbaria Medical College NMC,WHO USD 9000 USD 33000
                                  US Bangla Medical College NMC,WHO USD 12000 USD 35000

City Medical College NMC,WHO USD 15000 USD 35000
                Zainul Haque Sikder Women’s Medical College NMC,WHO USD 20000 USD 40000


Study MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students

No Of Foreign Students: 230+ The detail given above about the list of NMC approved medical colleges in Bangladesh 2021 are up to date. Likewise, Studying abroad requires students to gather knowledge about colleges. In the case of medical colleges, you need to know about NMC approved ones.


Q. Which is the best girls’ medical college in Bangladesh?

A. Al-Din women’s medical college is the best women’s college.

Q. Is NMC AND MCI the same?

A. Yes. Firstly, NMC referred to MCI that is the Medical Council of India.

Q. Can an MBBS from Bangladesh be recognized by other countries?

A. Yes. Many medical colleges offer degrees that other countries recognize too.

Q. Are medical colleges of Bangladesh expensive?

A. In short, Compared to other private colleges in other countries, medical colleges of Bangladesh cost less which is an advantage for students.


Review of Green Life Medical College in Bangladesh

Green Life Medical College Admission

Searching for medical colleges can be a difficult task. Students often wonder whether to spend time looking for a decent college or spend the same time preparing for their entrances. The choice is obvious!

To save the time of the students, we review well-known colleges for medical education. In his article, we are going to present the Review of Green Life Medical College in Bangladesh. To all the medical aspirants looking for a well-known medical college in Bangladesh, keep reading this!


Green Life Medical College is a private medical college located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The college was established in 2009 to produce refined and brilliant doctors in the world of medicines. In a short period, the college has gained immense popularity through its learning and development activities. The number of seats allocated to students is 110 including the seats reserved for overseas students.



While preparing the Review of Green Life Medical College, we would like the students to know the various affiliation being awarded to the college overtime.

Green Life Medical College is affiliated by the following:


  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW)
  • Government of Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC)
  • The University of Bangladesh. 

Green Life Medical College is also enlisted in the following well known medical councils:

  • World Directory of Medical School and ECFMG.
  • Avicenna Directory.
  • World Federation of Medical Education.
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).


The students graduating from this college become eligible for USMLE, PLAB, AND AMC examinations.


  • 5 years MBBS program prepared by BMDC.
  • B.Sc Nursing program for 4 years.
  • Diploma in Nursing for 3 years.
  • Post Basic Nursing For 2 years.



  • Chairperson- Principal
  • Academic Coordinator- Nominated by the council
  • Members Heads of various Departments-

Professors of various Departments

Two Senior Assistant Professors.

Student representatives.



#1 Department of Anatomy.

#2 Department of Physiology.

#3 Department of Biochemistry.

#4 Department of Community Medicine.

#5 Department of Forensic Medicine

#6 Department of Pathology.

#7 Department of Microbiology.

#8 Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

#9 Department of Medicine and Allied.

#10 Department of Surgery and Allied.

#11 Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.



The MBBS program is divided into 4 Phases. The examinations are held twice a year, that is in May and November. The subject distribution across the 4 phases are given below:


  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry


  • Community Medicine.
  • Forensic Medicine


  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics.


  • Medicine and Allied.
  • Surgery and Allied.
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology.


To become a qualified MBBS, you must fulfill the following criteria 

  • Obtained a minimum of 60% marks on the overall scorecard.
  • A student must secure at least 75% marks in all individual subjects.
  • Must be awarded a certificate of good conduct from respective departments.
  • Cleared all the due fees, including hostel and mess.
  • Must have passed all the exams.
  • One year internship is compulsory after passing MBBS.



Educational criteria

  • The student should have completed his/her complete schooling, i.e, till class 12th.
  • Should secure a 7.5 GPA in SSC or equivalent HSC and a minimum of 3.5 in biology.


Admission Form 

The student is required to submit the following document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka:

  • 3 copies of application forms ( fill in all the relevant details properly).
  • 6 passport size recent photographs.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Copies of all educational certificates and mark sheets.
  • A demand draft of US $60 payable to The Director, Medical Education, and HMPD, DGHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



We have listed all the necessary details in the Review of Green Life Medical College. Hope this information will be fruitful to the case of doubt, you can feel free to contact Pice Educare. We are an educational consultancy and feel proud to have made the dreams of more than 400 students come true. You can contact our counselors to clear all your doubts regarding getting admission to colleges throughout the globe.